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5th annual conference 9/29/2023

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Meet the LouhS

We are honored to have Rev. Dr. Nicholas G. Louh and Dr. Roxanne Louh as our keynote speakers. They will be sharing their unique perspective to provide you with the type of inward reflection that leads to lasting outward transformation. They marry Orthodox faith and psychology to inspire strong choices, good tools, and joyful relationships. They are respected authors of the best selling book, "Renewing You" and their Ancient Faith podcast, "Live with The Louhs" draws audiences from around the globe.
Date & Time:
Fri, Sept 29th  7pm-9pm
Sat, Sept 30th  9am-4pm
Who Should Attend:
Married and engaged couples, single spouses and soon to be engaged


Christ Church
561 Springfield Ave
Summit, NJ


As women, there are a lot of demands on us. Because of this, it is important to surround yourself with emotionally supportive, high-quality, and insightful people.


Emotional support plays a critical role in mental health and well-being. During a difficult period, you may need even more support. Don't underestimate the power of seeking help when you need it.


Coptic Clinicians:

Silvia Farag, MSW, LSW

Makar Naguib, MA 

Nivine Shenouda, PhD


This is a brief list of resources within our community. CWF does not endorse or recommend any one person. Please use your own discretion when choosing medical or mental health professionals.

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