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about us


Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire each woman to embrace their God given power and influence, fulfill their divine purpose, and make a positive contribution in the world while edifying the Coptic Orthodox Church, one woman and home at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect women to resources that enrich, support, and strengthen their lives.

Our Story

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Coptic Women Fellowship (CWF) was born in 2017 to enrich, support and strengthen the lives of Coptic Orthodox women.  What began a few years ago, has grown into a multifaceted ministry that touches and transforms the lives of women throughout the archdiocese. Through God’s grace, CWF has grown from a few willing hands and hearts that were just craving service and connection, to a beautiful fellowship that is beyond what any of us could ever have imagined.  There is something powerful about being surrounded by women who are working towards the same goal.  

Women are uniquely GIFTED by God for ministry – to win others to Christ, to nurture them in their faith, to train them for leadership, to encourage and support one another in life’s challenges.           


CWF provides resources to support all women and draw them closer to the heart of God by animating Christian Orthodoxy.  Our desire is to minister to the needs of women so that they have an impact on others in their lives.  Our aim is that they reflect God’s image as daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, and servants and are equipped to enrich their lives, strengthen their families and fortify the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Meet the women behind

Coptic Women Fellowship

Silvia Farag
Caroline Helmy
Nancy Soliman
Lilian Chou
Monica Azer Anis

CWF has been blessed as an official ministry under the auspices and blessing of H.H. Pope Tawadros II and H.G. Bishop David, the Papal Exarch of the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of North America, and the guidance of our Reverend Father Moises Bogdady.

hg bishop david.jpeg
 H.G. Bishop David
Father Moises Bogdady
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