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2021 Marriage Enrichment Conference 

Thank to all the clergy, speakers, planning committee and attendees for making this event a valuable and rewarding experience.

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Marriage Enrichment Vision

Our vision is to start a transformation in each man and woman that leads to stronger Christian families. This Marriage Conference will teach God's design for marriage. You will strengthen healthy marriages and heal troubled ones. Whether you are engaged, newlywed, or seasoned couples, join us to enrich your marriage and establish a godly legacy.


As women, there are a lot of demands on us. Because of this, it is important to surround yourself with emotionally supportive, high-quality, and insightful people.


Emotional support plays a critical role in mental health and well-being. During a difficult period, you may need even more support. Don't underestimate the power of seeking help when you need it.


Coptic Clinicians:

Silvia Farag, MSW, LSW

Makar Naguib, MA 

Nivine Shenouda, PhD


This is a brief list of resources within our community. CWF does not endorse or recommend any one person. Please use your own discretion when choosing medical or mental health professionals.

Our Sponsors

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